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Years of Experience

Ambulance Services with Body freezer box Ambulance services.

Shiva Ambulance Services in Hyderabad provides compassionate and dignified transportation with their specialized Ambulance Services featuring Body Freezer Boxes, ensuring the preservation of deceased individuals during transit. With a focus on respect and professionalism, their dedicated team handles every aspect of the process with sensitivity and care, offering families peace of mind during difficult times. Shiva Ambulance Services sets a standard for excellence in providing comprehensive end-of-life transportation solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each family​




Years Of Experience

Providing over 30 years of trusted and reliable emergency medical transportation


Experienced Doctor's

Backed by a team of over 100 experienced doctors, ensuring expert medical care on the move


Happy Patients

Proudly serving over 200 happy patients with exceptional emergency medical care.

7 Star Care & Protection

Why Choose Us?

Shiva Ambulance Services Offering 7-star care and protection with a dedicated team of professionals. Choose us for unparalleled emergency medical services and peace of mind.

100% Safe & Trused

100% safe and trusted for all your emergency medical transportation needs.

Specialist Surgery

Expertly equipped for specialist surgery transport, ensuring the highest standard of care.

24/7 take care staff

Our dedicated staff provides 24/7 care, ensuring you receive immediate and continuous medical attention.

Medicine service

Offering comprehensive medicine services to meet all your emergency healthcare needs during transport.

Shiva Ambulance Services covers all major areas and localities within Hyderabad and its surrounding regions. They have a network of ambulances strategically placed to ensure quick response times to various parts of the city.

You can book an ambulance by calling their dedicated helpline number, visiting their official website, or through various emergency service apps where they are listed. They offer 24/7 service, so you can contact them at any time for immediate assistance.

Shiva Ambulance Services provides a range of ambulance services including basic life support (BLS), advanced life support (ALS), neonatal/pediatric ambulances, and mortuary ambulances. They are equipped to handle emergency and non-emergency medical transportation needs.